• An Interview With One of ‘The Best Lawyers in America’ for the Seventh Straight...

    For Gabriel S. Galanda, an enrolled member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes of California and a partner at Galanda Broadman, PLLC, the awards have continued to pour in. On November 1, ... read more

  • Singer-Songwriter Samantha Crain Talks Music, Poetry and Neil Young

    Samantha Crain, Choctaw, has been writing and playing her own original brand of folk-rock since she was in her teens. Now 26, with an EP and two full-length albums under her belt, she’s ... read more

  • Akaka to Push Passage of Carcieri and More in Lame Duck Session

    Senator Daniel Kahikina Akaka and Loretta Tuell, his chief of staff and chief counsel on the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, said they won’t stop working to pass a clean Carcieri fix ... read more

  • Colville Tribes Manage Wolves With Own Program

    As controversy rages over the killing of the Wedge wolf pack in Washington State, the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation are quietly managing one of the state’s eight ... read more

  • Newest Face of Gerber Is Native

    The newest face of Gerber, 8-month-old Mary Jane Montoya from Fresno, California, is of mixed heritage. Her mother, Sara Montoya, has Mexican heritage and her father, Billy Montoya, is a ... read more

News Alerts
  • Adrian Jawort

    Redskins Not So Black and White

    By Adrian Jawort

    With the state of Washington recently voting to ban the usage of all Native American-related mascots in public schools, it brings momentum and hope to those that aim to see national mascots like the Cleveland Indians or Washington Redskins caricatures retired. However, while I read the lines of debate in...... Read More

  • Sasha Houston Brown

    Victoria’s Secret Flap: Nothing Says Native American Heritage Month Like White Girls in Headdresses

    By Sasha Houston Brown

    There is something insidiously ironic about being American Indian during the fall of the 21st century. It all starts with Columbus Day to mark our “discovery,” then moves right into the “it’s totally not racist to dress up as a hypersexualized Indian” awkward Halloween party, and goes out with a bang on ...... Read More

  • dr. leo killsback

    Today’s American Indian Activism

    By Dr. Leo Killsback

    The negative representations of American Indians have recently caught national attention in the news and on the Internet. As a professor in American Indian Studies, I always begin my introductory course with a basic training in stereotypes to prepare young minds about the power of imagery found in the me...... Read More

  • Steve Russell

    Election 2012: Shot at and Missed

    By Steve Russell

    The battle is over, and pundits now stroll to the battlefield and shoot the survivors. I have used this bully pulpit to urge that Indians bloc vote only when threatened as Indians.  My own vote turned on threats I perceived to my family.  Your mileage may vary. Before I parse the numbers, I must obser...... Read More

  • Darren Bonaparte

    October 23, 1812: The Skirmish at St. Regis

    By Darren Bonaparte

    Amid the hoopla of the War of 1812 bicentennial, a notable anniversary came and went unobserved recently. On October 23, 1812, one of the early skirmishes in the war took place, but there were no re-enactments where the clash occurred. That’s because it happened in the village of Kanatakon, or St. Re...... Read More

  • Valarie Tom

    A Veterans Day Message

    By Valarie Tom

    Many Native American teenagers are planning their future and want to make a difference—I believe that. The Native American people have—time and again—answered our nation’s call when it comes to serving in many capacities and that includes the call of service in the military. Many young women and men will...... Read More

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